For questions or concerns regarding your hospital bill, please contact Patient Financial Services at (808) 242-2010.

As a courtesy service, Maui Memorial Medical Center will bill your insurance carrier(s) according to the information provided at registration. Please understand that your health plan is an agreement between you and your insurance company. You have the final responsibility for the payment of your hospital bill. Please present your current insurance cards when registering and checking in for services.

If You Have Health Insurance

Your plan may have limitations on the services covered or special requirements such as pre-certification/authorization for certain tests or procedures. In addition, some physician specialists may not participate in your healthcare plan. Please check with your insurance plan to determine current participating physicians. If your plan’s requirements are not followed, you may be financially responsible for all or part of the services rendered in the hospital. Patients are responsible for paying all co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance, and fees for non-covered services at the time of service.

Workers Compensation and COBRA Coverage

If you require medical attention as a result of a work-related injury, please notify registration staff at the time of service. You will be asked to provide detailed information, including the full name & contact information of your employer, date & time of injury, applicable insurance information, and any incident/claim numbers. If you have experienced a loss of health insurance coverage as a result of a high school or college graduation, divorce, or change in employment status, you may qualify for COBRA coverage. Please notify a registration staff member at the time of service if you think you may qualify.

Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare Benefits

If you are registered with the local Veterans Affairs Office, please present your VA Identification Card at the time of service. If you are a veteran, but not registered with the local Veterans Affairs Office, please notify a registration staff member at the time of service for potential eligibility and enrollment.

Payment Options

We gladly accept the following payment methods: cash, personal check, money order, and most major credit cards. Other payment options may be available upon request through our financial specialists.

Financial Counseling

Financial specialists are available to assist all patients with payment obligation or account-related questions. For patients with no insurance, significant medical bills and/or limited financial resources, you may be referred to one of these specialists. They are there to help you by providing complimentary eligibility screening and application assistance for a variety of government and non-government assistance programs including MMMC-sponsored assistance programs.

Physician Bills

In addition to your hospital bill, you may receive bills for professional services rendered by doctors in diagnosing and treating you while you were a patient. If you have certain tests or treatments in the hospital, you may receive bills from physicians you did not see in person. Often pathologists, radiologists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists and other specialists perform these services and may bill separately. If you have questions about these bills, please call the number printed on the statement you receive from these physicians.