Mission, Vision and Values


The Maui Region provides quality healthcare services incorporating caring and contemporary practices while being sensitive to the core values and unique spirit of the Maui community.


We are dedicated to improving the well being of our community by providing quality healthcare to our patients in a positive and caring manner, and, through meaningful collaborations with others. We are an integral part of the community, sharing common experiences, opportunities, and resources. We are the healthcare provider and employer of choice.

Core Values

  • We have a selfless and passionate commitment to the good of the community and to the organization.
  • We deliver a high standard of quality care and service in everything we say and do.
  • We foster an environment of open and honest communications within the organization and the community.
  • We act with integrity.
  • We collaborate with a spirit of caring, trust, respect and empathy.
  • We promote ongoing learning, recognizing the need for flexibility and adaptability.


  • To provide high-quality basic acute care services to the community in a caring and compassionate manner.
  • To deliver highly-specialized services.
  • To have organizational structure that is operational, with management and financial flexibility to meet the challenges of providing medical services to an evolving community.
  • To recognize the increasing number of seniors in our community and pursue viable options for their healthcare needs including providing long-term care services.
  • To support the healthcare services provided by the Lanai and Kula facilities.
  • To be involved in the community and meet the healthcare needs of the Maui Region.
  • To collaborate with employees and employee unions to create a productive, satisfying and cost-effective work environment.
  • To achieve sustainable financial viability.
  • To earn the trust of patients and their families that they are receiving high-quality compassionate care.
  • To have our Mission, Vision and Values accepted and supported throughout the organization.