Executive Team & Board of Directors

Executive Team

Barry Shitamoto, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Traci Ing

Chief Operating Officer

Joyce Tamori

Chief Financial Officer

Karey Kapoi

Assistant Administrator/Chief Communications Officer

Susan Stewart, MD

Chief of Clinical Affairs

Judy Kodama

Chief Clinical Executive

Paul Harper-O'Connor

Administrator of Kula Hospital & Clinic and Lanai Community Hospital


Maui Regional Board

  Chuck Bergson
Avery Chumbley
Andrea Demetras
Willie Kennison
Ward Letvin
S. Dwight Lyons MD
Galen Nakamura
Anthony Takitani
Mitchell Tasaki, MD


HHSC Board Members

Russell Yamane
Clay Sutherland

Medical Staff Officers

Ronald Boyd, MD

Chief of Staff

Mitchell Tasaki, MD

Vice Chief of Staff

Tracy Dorheim, MD

Secretary / Treasurer

Marc Emde, MD


Lance Whitney, MD


Melvin Burton, MD

Immediate Past Chief to Staff