Dean-O's Boys

Dear MMMC Oncology Department,

Our best friend’s name is Dean R. Oura. Dean passed away last year due to complications from his cancer. Dean would often talk about the treatments he was going through and how he hated it because it made him sick. But he always mentioned the staff and how they went way beyond what he thought was to be expected. He especially had a fond aloha for Weezie (Louise Tome). She made him feel comfortable and made the horrible treatment bearable. For this we are forever grateful. Last weekend a few of us got together to play some golf and remember Dean-O. We collected a few dollars that we would like to give to your department in Dean’s name to use in any way you see fit. Again, thank you for the aloha you spread when people are going through the darkest of times. 

God bless all of you,
Dean-O’s Boys